TMG Thinks Global and Builds Local


Pacific Edge Magazine -- Meet seasoned real estate developer Duncan MacNaughton, whose sons Ian and Brett are carrying on The MacNaughton Group legacy.

Duncan MacNaughton
A collector of contemporary art whose office overlooking Ala Moana Beach Park contains dozens of sculptures carved by part-time Hawai‘i resident John Buck, Duncan MacNaughton has made a career of creating indoor-outdoor experiences that tap local partners and expertise.
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Ian MacNaughton
With a passion and appreciation for both the analytical and abstract, it was a bit fortuitous that Ian MacNaughton would return home to expand his career in Hawai‘i.
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Brett MacNaughton
Unlike many young people surprised to find themselves back in Hawai‘i after setting their sights on the mainland, Brett MacNaughton always had a feeling he would come back to perpetuate the legacy his father, Duncan MacNaughton, established at his real estate development firm, The MacNaughton Group.
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