Protecting The Health of Our Community


At The MacNaughton Group, we care deeply about our employees, our friends and families, our partners, tenants, customers and owners, and the broader community.

We have always been in the business of enriching the communities we serve and the lives of those who visit our properties, and it is our commitment to continue providing a safe environment for our customers and employees. Below are some of the steps we have taken to help keep Hawaii and the world that comes into contact with Hawaii as healthy as possible during this uncertain time. We are glad to see that so many of our fellow businesses and community members are making good choices as well. We applaud all of our good neighbors’ efforts and encourage the sharing of innovative steps and best practices to put an early end to this coronavirus pandemic.

Social Distancing and Heightened Hygiene

We understand that social distancing is an effective method for limiting the spread of coronavirus. We are a small office, yet, soon after concerns of Coronavirus spread, we quickly enabled all of our employees to work from home. We also cancelled work-related functions and travel. We discouraged personal travel by implementing self-quarantining policies upon return to Hawai`i. In addition, we provided personal hygiene gift baskets to our employees (soaps, hand sanitizers, etc.) and shared heightened hygiene best practices to keep the spread at bay. We are now all working from home, continuing to operate our business, and staying connecting using powerful online tools that we believe many new users like us will continue to use beyond this crisis.

Our Retail and Hospitality Locations

At our four shopping centers, we are working with property management to take extra precautions by increasing the frequency and intensity of our already rigorous cleaning and sanitation practices, including disinfecting areas most susceptible to the spread of germs. We are adding hand sanitizers in highly trafficked areas for public use. And we will continue to work closely with local health authorities to monitor the evolving situation and further respond as needed. We are keeping our websites updated about store closures or adjustments to hours. We are offering, at our Lotus Honolulu at Diamond Head hotel, “Tbd…To Go” and a partnership with Bite Squad to allow our Tbd… restaurant to provide delicious meals to be enjoyed at your home.

Finally, we are working with our retail tenants to support their implementation of any modified hours of operation, as needed, to protect the health of their employees and customers.

Caring for Our Community

In addition to taking these steps above, we have reminded our friends and families that, while not everyone is equally susceptible to coronavirus, those who are most susceptible need and deserve our protection. We are looking at ways to partner with our health care providers and other social services to support those most in need.


Thank you for all that you are doing to keep our community safe. Take care and best wishes for our community’s continued good health.